Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

Imagine a library that instead of books you can check out objects. Everything from Marie Antoinette wig to Ming dynasty vases, and even things from fairy tales. This is where Elizabeth begins her new job. She's a page, someone who finds the items people are looking for in the repository. While there she learns about the Grimm Collection, items from fairy tales from around the world. The best part is these items work. The mirror from snow white? Snarky and sarcastic. Seven league boots? Work just fine. However some of these objects have gone missing or have lost their magic. Can Elizabeth and the other pages figure out what's happening to the items before all of the magic is lost?

This is an amazing take on fairy tales. While it's not overt the entire story is a fairytale, it has all of the traditional rules, and some new twists. I loved all of the pages, Aaron took a bit to like, but he grew on me. Marc was arrogant, and Anjali is seemingly perfect and sweet. They all changed and made me like them more and more.

The main setting of the book is the repository and I loved it, if I could work at a place like that, I doubt I'd ever leave. They have something from every part of history, including stuff that technically shouldn't exist.

I also enjoyed the tests Elizabeth had to take to become a page and receive her key to the Grimm Collection, they were unique and really fit in well with the story.

Anyone who loves fairy tales should read this book. It won't disappoint I promise

 I'm excited to read book two The Wells Bequest, because as the Grimm Legacy is to fairytale The Wells Bequest is to science fiction. And I can't wait to see where she takes it.

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