Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shadow Heart by Pamela Taeuffer

 Nicky's life consists of spending as much time as she possibly can away from home and her father as possible. One of these activities is being part of a cheer squad for a professional baseball team. Where one of the star players gets her in her sights. He may be just what Nicky needs to help her break out of her shell.

I'm extremely torn when it comes to this book. In the beginning of the book I was hooked. The book started out great but a little over half way through it hit a major snag for me. A character was introduced as a best friend, someone that had grown up with Nicky, shared similar problems, and everything like that. However, this is the first this person is mentioned, and as a love interest. When one is already established, the one who is mentioned in the book blurb. The only one of the two that is. Nicky kind of ends up playing both of the guys, and this was a major killer of the book for me.

I really just don't like it. It could be the fact that girls like this drive me up the wall, it could be the fact that it seems like way too much overkill, or the fact that she doesn't have the decency to choose even after one of them lays out everything he's feeling, and she reciprocates. I'll just leave it at this because I will continue to rant if I don't.

The positives: The characters. Nicky is a great character who grew up in one of the worst possible home environments, she's still incredibly strong, and devoted to her goals. Love is hard for her and it's perfectly understandable her concept of trust is completely shattered. Then there is Ryan, who is this amazing ball player who is recovering from an injury. He lost his family at a young age, and is determined to find love instead of the different girls every night routine.

I really hope to learn more about Nicky's family in the next book.

This book gave amazing visuals and details into a world that is hidden to all but those who live in it. The world of alcoholism, where alcohol is more important then everything even your family. Something that is a sad but all far true for way too many people.

I received this book compliments of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

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