Monday, September 15, 2014

Devoured by Jason Brant

Book bio from GoodReads:
"Life isn’t kind to Lance York. A full-time job has eluded him for years, his wife loathes the sight of him, his bank accounts are empty, and his wealthy father-in-law revels in his failures.

After he lunges in front of a car to save a sick and disoriented woman, Lance awakens in a quarantined hospital. A devastating plague is spreading worldwide, driving those infected with it insane. Their bodies begin to mutate into horrors that have haunted mankind’s nightmares for centuries.

The world descends into chaos as death holds sway in the streets.

With the help of an unlikely ally, Lance must navigate through the collapsing city of Pittsburgh, striving to escape the madness of the Apocalypse that unfolds around them"

 This was a captivating novel about the breakdown of society in the event of a mass epidemic. Well this epidemic makes people eat other people. It transforms them into pretty much vampires. They hate the sun, but no word on garlic and crosses though.

I personally enjoyed that the main "hero" was an every-man. Someone anyone can relate to. He has the struggles that so many people in the world have. Failed relationship, lack of a job, broke classic stresses. All of that however, falls by the wayside when he has to fight for his life.

This is the start of a series, that while fascinating I'm not sure if I'll read. If only because a zombie apocalypse isn't my favorite type of book. It's a very good book don't get me wrong.

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