Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guest Post by Casey Clubb

Today is the day for our guest post by the wonderful author Casey Clubb. To celebrate the release of her book Jacob King of Portalia.

Casey Clubb lives near Portland, Oregon with her husband and her ever-growing collection
of stuffed Tiggers.

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7825631.Casey_Clubb
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/CaseyClubb1
Twitter- https://twitter.com/Tigger_Rocks1
Website- www.caseyclubb.com

And now without further ado here is Casey's guest post:
"Many thanks to Sara for having me as a guest on Books and Things to celebrate the

release of my middle-grade fantasy, Jacob, King of Portalia.

Jacob is a dream of mine.

I’m an incurable romantic and a hopeless dreamer. I love to dream about things that could

never happen, as well as things that theoretically could.

Sometimes I want to lose myself in a world and a people that are beyond all possibility.

Like A Game of Thrones.

And sometimes I want to escape, not so much into an impossible reality, but into a

fantastical and theoretically possible one. A reality that I can wrap my science fiction loving

brain around. Like A Wrinkle in Time.

When I started Jacob, King of Portalia, I knew that that was the kind of story I wanted

to write. I wanted to create a fantastical world that theoretically could exist, not some day in the

future, but in the here and now.

Granted, I don’t expect to visit a parallel universe any time soon. Or carry on a

conversation with a non-human sentient being from another world. But I wanted Jacob’s story to

be one that I can tell myself is not outside the realm of possibility, even if it hovers just this side

of the far reaches of the edge of theoretical possibility.

Jacob is a kid who’s scared of the truth about who he is. He’s been hiding from himself

all of his life. On a world in a parallel universe, he discovers just how much damage his hiding

has done, not just to himself, but to those around him.

He also discovers a hidden talent, an ability to open doorways between universes. Just

as with the rest of the story, it was important to me that Jacob’s talent be at least remotely

theoretically possible.

I have no idea whether or not the concept of the brain emitting electrical waves that can

interact with the environment in the same manner as sound waves is possible. But, like with

parallel universes, I can wrap my brain around it from a science fiction perspective.

Yes, it’s a stretch, but my imagination can stretch to it.

And then I can imagine a colorful world in a parallel universe where dragons and

unicorns exist and a boy can make friends with a brilliant and sarcastic ferret-look-alike and a

many hundred year old humanoid whose eyes sparkle as if they were filled with stars.

But best of all, I can dare to dream, I can dare to imagine a world that could be. A world

where two boys can hold hands and fall in love and nobody thinks twice about it.

Jacob is the first book in the Pillars of Life trilogy. It is the start of a journey, the start of

a dream.

I hope others will come dream with me. Dream with me a dream of things that could be.

Dreams we have the power to make come true. Because I believe that those dreams are the best

dreams of all."

 Here is a blub from her upcoming book Jacob King of Portalia:
 Jacob is the only one who can protect us all from a vengeful lunatic.

But Jacob’s a tiny sixth grader who’s scared of his own shadow. And his only known talent

is hiding.

A misfit in his own home, a boy out of place in his own skin, Jacob has been hiding all his

life—in his head, or behind his only friend.

His kind of different just isn’t accepted.

He thought hiding would keep him safe. But he was wrong.

For Jacob’s hiding has buried more than one truth, more than one secret. Including a

destiny and a duty that are his to fulfill.

And a powerful talent. One that could doom his people.

Or save them...if he can find the courage to stop hiding from the thing that terrifies him the

most—the truth about who he is:

A boy who likes boys.

A boy with a destiny foretold in an ancient legend.

A boy whose love could save us all.

This was a great book that I highly recommend here are links for more information and to purchase.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22670108-jacob-king-of-portalia

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jacob-King-Portalia-Pillars-Life-ebook/dp/

Barnes & Noble:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/jacob-king-of-portalia-casey-clubb/1119910252?ean=9781620154571


For news and updates on Book Two—Jacob, Portal Master, visit www.caseyclubb.com.

For updates on book two Jacob, Portal Master go to For news and updates on Book Two—Jacob, Portal Master, visit www.caseyclubb.com.

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