Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Becoming Alpha by Alieen Erin

Being a high school student is hard, add visions every time you come in skin to skin contact with someone and well things can't get any worse right? Umm, wrong. Tessa has this gift to have visions when ever she touches someone or something that isn't new or hers, but even that isn't crazy enough she got bit by a werewolf.  Now she has to figure out this culture and survive an unseen threat.

She was originally half witch and now she's a werewolf. So yay she's a wolf-witch hybrid now! Cool right... Well it's an interesting thought even if its an odd combo. Seeing as in most lore witch and were avoid each other like the plague. But this pulled it together fairly well.

I know it sounds as if I'm hating on this book, but I'm not. It's a pretty decent paranormal story, not one of my favorites by any means, but a decent book regardless. A bit cliche but like in any genera it happens.

I do like how there are a lot of dynamic characters that aren't just the main two characters. Also the setting was very well done, something that I'm always a fan of.

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