Saturday, July 26, 2014

Alienated by Melissa Landers

This book was recommended to my by Tess. G, thank you so much for commenting I really appreciate it.

Two years ago they gave us a cure for cancer, now they're sending students to live her. This is the first  step in an alliance with the L'eihr. Three L'eihr students in the home of three regular human families. Clara sees this as a golden opportunity, a full ride, and an all access pass to the story of a lifetime. Alyex on the other hand sees this as a jail sentence and he and his friends have a plan not to be stuck her for an entire year.

Loved, loved loved this book! It is everything I hoped How To Date An Alien would be and wasn't. The L'eihr are so well developed with a culture all their own. With customs and traditions, and super incredible technology. I also loved the characters, how the L'eihr students woke up for lack of a better word and felt emotions that their people hadn't in decades.

This was an incredible, can't put down, story. Thank you again Tess G.

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