Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Spades by K. Pinson

Avalynn was beaten and abused by her father but risked his wrath to save her baby sister. Now all that's left of him are scars and haunting memories. Doing her best to rise above the past Ava starts to let Dax into her safe world. Will he be able to make her realize she deserves love?

I loved this book but the ending... it was so intense and I want to know what happens next. Since as you've probably guessed it was a cliffhanger. Personally I enjoy cliffhangers when I have the next book ready to be started, if not I don't enjoy them quite as much.

The characters are so wide and varied from sweet little Abby to shy and scared Avalynn and everyone in between. Making your heartstrings tug and fall in love with their quirks. It was a good story now I need the second book to find out what happens next.

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