Monday, July 14, 2014

How To Date An Alien by Magan Vernon

All Alex has ever wanted was to attend Columbia university and earn her major in English. However you don't get into an ivy league school without extracurriculars. So Alex is of to Circe operations base for the summer as an intern and her world is about to be turned upside down. Once on base she learns not only aliens are real but they are the reason for Circe. Despite everyone telling her that it's not safe she starts to fall for an alien
 Besides how bad can it get?

I liked this book it's cute and quirky. The main characters are interesting and their relationship isn't just fall in love instantly. The work together, get to know each other, then it progresses naturally which is a refreshing change.

To all of the people who compare the main couple to Twilight, I respect your opinion but have to disagree. Alex is not pathetic and useless when anything goes wrong, she is strong and intelligent and it's displayed throughout the book. Also Ace is not controlling, or obsessive over her. Their relationship is a much healthier one than Twilight which is textbook abusive.

As I previously stated I respect your opinion but I disagree.

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  1. Nice review!
    If you like How to Date an Alien, you should check out Alienated by Melissa Landers! They sound similar and I really liked Alienated!