Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dorthy Must Die by Danielle Paige

You've watched the movie and possibly read the books, Dorothy goes to Oz slays the wicked witch, goes home and it's all happily ever after. Well not quite, Dorothy cam back and now to say Oz is terrible is too nice of a word. Enter Amy Gumm the other girl from Kansas, and she's here to kill Dorothy and to set Oz right again.

I absolutely loved this book! This new take on an old classic is refreshing and incredibly well done. All of our favorite characters have been twisted to a point where they're terrifying but still recognizable and the new characters fit in so well. Danielle did a great job of keeping true to the world of Oz while keeping true to the original.

This book fufills one of my challenges for the BookTubeAThon. The challenge of reading a book with red on the cover.

And her is said cover:
 Not much red but it still counts! Besides I just got it and it just begged me to read it.

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