Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prison Nation by Jenni Merritt

Millie 942B is about to be released into the Nation after eighteen years of imprisonment. The reason she was in prison is because she was born there. Her parents are the criminals, but as a jail baby she's in the system until her eighteenth birthday. In the Nation the good, and the strong are free, now Millie is to be released and join them. However she doesn't know if being free is really all it's cracked up to be.

Truth and the distortion of it is one of the main themes of this book. How Millie is told that the truth is what will keep her  out of prison and free. But the truths that are told to her are distorted, and changed.

A book that makes you think, is a book you will remember. And this is one that I will definitely remember. If the U.S.A. ever gets to this point. I don't think I'd stay.

This book makes you stop and think. What is freedom? Is the truth what will set you free?

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